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A Real Estate Platform
For NYC Buyers

The journey is yours, but we're here to provide a guided path, through three purchasing stages


CuriEstate has the tools, resources, and community to help real estate buyers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, reach the closing table with confidence and clarity.

Let us help hold space for your real estate purchasing vision and goals, and support you towards them in the most practical ways possible; on your timeline.








Why Take Your Journey With CuriEstate?


Our objective is to streamline the real estate purchasing process, making it as efficient as possible. Online information is often scattered, generalized, and outdated. Our goal is to transform the scavenger hunt that buyers often encounter, into a guided experience that is optimally designed. 


We are constantly pursuing the expansion of knowledge and are committed to sharing it openly and transparently. We actively cultivate relationships with like-minded professionals in the real estate industry. We collaborate with our partner agents and connect our clients to mortgage brokers, attorneys, home inspectors, contractors, and numerous other valuable resources we trust.


We keep an open mind for innovative solutions, not only in real estate transactions but also in the products and services we create. We believe that expansion is evergreen, as long as we always keep our clients' best interests in mind. We work directly with our clients on an ongoing basis to create more value and to make a bigger impact.


I am Yasmine Abdallah

Founder of CuriEstate, and a licensed real estate agent in NYC 

I regularly speak with people who are interested in purchasing a property in NYC, and often, they are in different stages of their home purchasing process. 


Many people are curious about real estate, but the ones that actually end up with keys in hand are the ones that reach a specific level of commitment to the process. It didn’t take me long to realize that this proof of commitment doesn’t come from a piece of paper, like proof of funds or a pre-approval letter; it's an essence that can be felt.

Those committed to making a purchase not only believe in the power of homeownership but also develop multiple strategies to achieve it, taking into account any necessary compromises. Everything leading up to this point is your purchasing journey.

Each person's purchasing journey is unique—some may last only a few days or weeks, while others span months or even years. This is because, for many, buying property is a significant decision, and it's not based solely on simple math; it involves complex calculations, with not all variables being numeric.


Every industry professional prefers to work with committed clients, but I've identified a significant gap in resources, guidance, and support for the curious. This realization inspired me to create CuriEstate.

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